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Tantra Summer Holidays

27.06.2019 в 08:00
30.06.2019 в 18:00

Tantra Summer Holidays


Indulge yourself in this amazing Tantra Summer Holidays with Sarani (Lithuania) and Prem Sambhavo (Italy) in a beautiful villa on the shore of the lake surrounded by forests and peace.

You definitely don’t want to miss it, as it can be the best and most exciting experience this summer! Two brilliant international teachers, Sarani and Sambhavo, will guide you very carefully to open up for your own feminine or masculine energy, discover it’s different dimensions and experience it in connection with others and within.
Then we are in our own energy, this energy can be experienced as love, light, playfulness, creativity, silence or meditation. And when we are united with an opposite pole we can reach the highest state of consciousness and expansion.

Tantra is a path of self-knowledge and transformation. The main principle of Tantra is acceptance, saying «Yes» to everything what is given to us by nature — body, emotions, brain, and to everything what is coming to us by life.

During this camp, you will have an opportunity to return to senses and body, merge with your heart, love and allow the mind to relax.

This camp will help:
— Clearly understand the essence of femininity and masculinity;
— Will provide ways to heal and ground your sexual energy and answer many key questions about our relationship with the opposite sex;
— Will provide ways to reveal and strengthen the connection with ones nature and keep it afterwords in personal lives;
— Teach you to strengthen your energetic polarity, which is a key to optimal and efficient action.

What is the benefit of this camp and what can one expect from it?
— Stronger connection with your body;
— Expanded awareness;
— Greater and deeper relaxation;
— Increased ability to love and receive;
— Increased sense of fulfillment and self-love;
— Appearance of playfulness in everyday life and in relationships;
— More energy and vitality;
— More sexuality and sensuality;
— Better affection and more harmonious relationships;
— A clearer understanding of oneself.

Prem Sarani — is the founder of meditation centre and publishing house «Meilės kelias» in Lithuania. She chose the path of conscious sciences and meditation and studied with several masters and enlightened mystics in India, Japan, Brazil, Greece and America. Her studies range from the
revolutionary Osho active meditation techniques to studies at Primal Therapy with the Dr. Arthor Janov Institute in USA. Her Tantra training has been done with Sarita, Daniel Odier and Homa and Mukto. Sarani mixes her expertise of Tantra, hypnosis, Ito Thermie, Primal Therapy and intuitive energy reading in her work, to bring a balance between therapy and meditation. Sarani teaches in Lithuania, Uk, Spain, Turkey, Bulgaria, Irland, Italy and USA.

Prem Sambhavo — is a specialized therapist with a clinical masters and PhD in psychology. He has been a teacher and researcher at universities of Florence and Bologna. Sambhavo is trained in various therapeutic approaches including Strategic Short-Term Therapy, Trauma Resolution (Somatic Experiencing®), Group Dynamic, Bioenergetics, Sexual Trauma, Primal, Tantra, and Path of Love and works with people for the past 20 years. Today, he works as an Osho Therapist creating and leading groups at the Osho Multiversity in Pune and many countries around the world.

Early Bird Price (until 1th of June) 390 eur; later the price will be 450 eur. Accommodation and food in the price is already included.
Discount for couples is available.


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27.06.2019 в 08:00
30.06.2019 в 18:00


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